Ok, so I need to vent…

Time for me to vent.  My 9-5 day job requires me to take the train to NY daily.  Just about all of us have cell phones or Blackberry’s or iPhones.  And on these devices, we can all get email, voicemail, web services, etc…and phone calls (go figure).  While on the train, most of us (myself included) check emails and do what we need to do.

When the train rolls into Penn, there is a herd getting off the train and making their way up crowded escalators (that typically aren’t running) or stairs.  Most normal people need to see where they are going when they walk up a set of stairs.  Either that, or move very slowly so as to not fall down the stairs.

Why, then, do people feel the need to reply to emails while walking up a set of crowded stairs?  My favorite are the guys that have their laptop open and are trying to update an email while walking up a set of stairs.  Yes, I have seen that!!  Or, the guys that are on their Bluetooth headset “blah blablah blah”.  As a result of these people, the rest of us are crawling up a set of stairs just trying to get to work.

To these people I have one thing to say…You are NOT that important!!  No one cares WHAT your response is to their email!  You are NOT that important!!

Donald Trump…ok, maybe not the best role model…but, he does NOT carry a phone, or Blackberry, or briefcase, or even a wallet!  You could argue he’s important!

So there you have it…end of rant.  Now I have to check my Blackberry and iPhone.  But at least I’m not on the stairs!!!


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