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In Praise of Lists

My wife Patty is an avid list-maker. She has the usual grocery list and “to-do” list, but she also makes lists for just about everything you can think of. Weekend plans, vacation plans, house project plans, car servicing, Christmas lists, birthday lists, Franz list (sorry, couldn’t help that one!). I joke with her saying she has a list of lists. Remember those popular books “The Book of Lists”?

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A little about my sound system for live gigs…

I posted a little video where I discuss my sound system(s). Essentially, to me, it’s ALL about portability and being able to make one trip into the venue from the car. I do have two systems, however, and which one I use depends on the venue. One system is a higher powered setup, but it IS bulky and heavy and alot to setup and… The other is what I talk about and demo in the video

My mic is the same for either system–the Audix Fireball V harmonica mic. It’s not a green bullet blues mic, nor is it intended to be.  It is a lightweight, warm sounding mic that has a convenient little volume control on it.

So, please check out the video and let me know what you think!!


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